Slurred String Crossings

  • practice it slower
  • really hide string crossings and bow changes


G minor Melodic

  • fingers rounded in 4th position
  • bring left arm over and around the cello
  • work towards 8 per bow

G minor harmonic

  • 2nd finger closer to 1st finger
  • pay close attention to semi tone intervals: A-Bflat. D-Eflat. Fsharp-G
  • fingers rounded
  • lower extensions


  • keep torso level
  • keep the bicep/upper arm relaxed
  • start slower and gradually move towards the faster vibrato. keep it loose and relaxed
  • support the 4th finger with the 3rd and keep the fingers rounded


  • add dynamics
  • start in the middle to upper half of the bow
  • add vibrato to quarter notes and half notes

C song

  • pluck first
  • extension: don’t move whole hand for the extension
  • don’t let the 2nd finger collapse
  • when you’re comfortable add the bow
  • to play faster, use less bow

Lee study 2

  • practice with a metronome: Goal tempo is 85
  • add dynamics
  • practice with G and C drones

Hunter’s Chorus

  • play more in the middle to lower half for the whole piece. It’s harder to play when you use the whole bow or play in the upper half
  • less bow on the quarter notes
  • accents: heavier at the beginning of the note. less weight more speed.
  • dotted articculations should be in the lower half
  • exception is mm.31-32 and 34
  • practice mm 31-32 with just open strings. both accents sound even, no crescedo on the up bow
  • start from the string for up bow accent

Start plucking Musette