G minor Harmonic

  • extension 1st finger: try not to manipulate left arm
  • increase tempo

G minor melodic

  • watch bow angle:  practice in front of a mirror
  • on the D and A string think of pushing the right hand away from you, pushing the frog away from
  • ascending shift: whole tone. thumb in saddle, 1st finger above the thumb (4th position)
  • descending shift: semi tone. Aim to place the D a semi tone  below the Eflat
  • don’t keep your 1st finger down while you’re shifting

Start with pieces next time :)

C song

  • increase tempo
  • watch bow for bow angle
  • practice shift for speed

Somersaults and cartwheels

  • pizz first then add the bow
  • careful with sharps
  •  tall fingers always – especially rounded 4th finger
  • practice maintaining extended position, sometimes you will need to switch back and forth within extended position
  • DC al fine: de capo al fine – go back to the beginning and play until it says “fine”

Lee Study 2

  • rounded 4th finger
  • bow angle: start further out in bow
  • anticpate the string crossing “jumps” to the higher and lower strings
  • increase tempo

Lee Study 1

  • practice with metronome at 50-60
  • bow angle moving to A string: push frog away from body
  • quarter note long
  • play quarter note with a faster bow speed so you make it back to the frog for the next down bow
  • dont accent the quarter note when adding a faster bow speed
  • practice bow slow motion: as soon as you go for the string crossing
  • quarter note should ring until last possible second