Hello Everybody!

We are days away from our recital!

Have you Registered?  If not, please call 416-651-7529 now.

11:30 is now open to everyone.

How to Watch

To watch simply go to www.facebook.com/abcmusictoronto at your chosen time.  You may need to refresh the page if we have not yet appeared.

We don’t recommend watching while your student is also playing live unless you have a lot of bandwidth, just to preserve the experience for everyone else.

Feel free to leave comments as you are watching, they can appear on screen!

Be sure to invite all of your family and friends to watch you, as well!

Once you are done playing you can ‘leave’ the online studio and switch to watching FB Live.

How to Participate

Chrome is the recommended browser for this, and Safari does not work with it at all.

Each time slot has its own link for players.  Players should log in a minimum of 5 minutes before the start time in case of technical problems.

Click the right link for your time:

Sound Setup for Backing Tracks

If you have not already done so, please refer to our previous note about setting this up.  It will be most time efficient if you set this up on your own.

Thank you, and see you Sunday!

Who is Playing When

11:00 • 1 Spots left

  • Noah B
  • Jonah H
  • Nathaniel OA
  • Sampson
  • Isabella
  • Jadon
  • Hendry

12:30 • Full

  • Dvorah
  • Isla
  • Amita
  • Amaia
  • Marco
  • Danny
  • Ahara
  • Selena

1:30 • One spot left

  • Zoe
  • Julian
  • Sara
  • Olivia B
  • Grace G (x2)
  • Marita
  • Katarina

2:30 • Full

  • Kollel
  • Emet
  • Clara
  • Killian
  • Gianna
  • Carmen
  • Renaud
  • Ken