Practice “Overworld” with separate hands. Be careful with your fingering. The idea is that you must be able to play with each hand almost without looking.

Read p. 41 (“Home of the Range”).

Maria Ines:

“In the Name of Love”: Practice adding rhythm to the chords in the chorus. Follow the song’s bass drum. Keep practicing the melodic breakdown with both hands to reinforce it.


Piano Adventures p. 64-65. Make sure she is using the correct fingers (each one of the fingers should be in one white key). Read it completely for the next class.
Keep in mind that in the dotted half note, you must count to 3.


Read as much as you can of the second piece in the book. If you have any doubts, bring them next class.

Play the chords of “Bad Guy” with the song. Also, start practicing them only with your left hand.