Welcome back! Great to see you guys :) A reminder to online students to meet on FARPLAY, rather than Zoom moving forward. Contact Barnaby with any questions.


*New piece in Lesson book* Reveille. This piece uses the concept of triad inversions. C, G, A minor, and E are used in this piece. For the RH, pay attention to the articulation, and for the LH, think of which chord and inversion you are playing. Notice the ABA form as well.

Reign. Get familiar with the LH of it, playing the bottom note when there are hard to reach octaves. Very strict, steady tempo is the most important thing for marches like this. Practice consistent fingering for the tricky sections, like we did in lesson today, and once you find what works – write it in!

Intervals worksheet. Go at your own pace, work to recognize the shapes the intervals are. Play them on the piano to hear them if you wish.


Pieces were sounding great today! As a whole, our goal for each of the repertoire is to be able to play them at a consistent, steady, tempo. This week, practice going as slow as you need to to have no hesistations. Snake – get the second half sounding as fluent as the first half :)

For Heavenly Blue, familiarize yourself with it more, and continue reading through the entire piece. It is almost an ABA form, meaning the material at the beginning comes back at the end.

Your new major scale is Db major. The only white notes are F and C. RH fingering is 231 234 12. LH is 321 4321 2.


Great work! Please review your C and G major scales with both hands seperately this week. If you need help with notes or fingering, refer to this.

*New Piece* Homework. This piece introduces the new symbol: the “natural”. It cancels out a sharp or a flat within the same bar. This piece includes a LH phrase that goes A-G#-A-G Natural. A natural is always a white key. Play whichever hand has the melody (the part you’d sing) louder than the other hand. Pay attention to the dynamics here, line 3 is quieter than the rest.