Congrats on your first lesson! Here’s what we covered:
-Basics of Grip: how to hold the sticks
-Basic strokes
-Names of the Instruments
-Working on our first drum beat: bass drum on “1” and “3” while filling in the gaps


Warmups (1min each) **keep thumbs on sticks–no boxing mitts
–8 on a hand
–Singles; doubles; paradiddles
–Roll exercise (apple-apple-watermelon-watermelon)
*Alfred Lesson 6 Comination Study(10min)
–Work on writing the counts out above the notes! Ask for some help from your parents
Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams: Lose Yourself to Dance
–Adding variations to the main groove (chicka-chick on hihat; tom bomb before snare)
–Building drum solos on top of “four on the floor” bass drum


Padwork (1min/ea)
–Triplet ex. (Goal Tempo=130)
–Sixteenth-Note Exercise (goal tempo = 100)
–Flam Taps: try “breaking down” this rudiment (slow–>max speed–>slow)
–Singles, Doubles, Paradiddles – goal tempo: 130bpm
Give It Away by Red Hod Chili Peppers (Click here to print)
–Print and work on exercises 1-6 on this worksheet** (RR. 14-15) –I”M SORRY I thought I had uploaded this. I finally did.


Warmups (1min each):
–Triplet Exercise 120bpm
–Sixteenth-note Exercise 100bpm
Syncopation Book: Lesson 4, Ex. 5-8 (10-15min)
–If it’s tricky, learn it in steps:
–Step 1) LH only
–Step 2) LH + RH only
–step 3) add in feet
Lenny Kravitz: Are you Gonna Go My Way
–Learn everything up until the Interlude section
–Bonus: go up until the Guitar Solo


–Triplet Exercise 90bpm** (1min) — dribble the basketball
–PAS Rudiments Chart: Single Stroke Roll, Single Stroke Four, Double Stroke Roll, 5-str Roll
Drumset Musician: p. 15** ex. 1-4
New SONG***: Eye of the Tiger
–everything up until the Chorus
—-opening crashes (keeping in time with muting)
—-basic beat during the verses
—-Teacher-clap drum fill (3 + 4e+) at the end of first verse
—-Flam on “4” at the end of the second verse