Happy Halloween!!

G minor Melodic

  • Work on making it a true 8 per bow
  • not moving the arm for extension

G minor Harmonic

  • active thumb in 4th position
  • watch arm for extension

Somersaults and carwheels

  • think about 1st finger replacing 3rd finger
  • increase tempo plucking, no stopping for shifts/position changes. Think ahead.
  • add the bow add dynamics
  • when adding the bow, be in the string, loud, not short


  • work on plucking up to tempo
  • make sure you are working on it with the goal of 80 bpm for the HALF NOTE, not the quarter note.

Lee Study 2

  • Work on looking ahead
  • practice in rhythms (long short, short long, and then lengthening different notes in a group of 4)
  • don’t run out of bow, try to stay in one part of the bow
  • fortes louder and pianos more immediate
  • anticipate string crossings


  • more drastic dynamics
  • more bow
  • railroad tracks are marking the end of a phrase adn the start of a new phrase
  • increase tempo
  • sustain quarters and half notes more
  • turn the corner more for the A string. no fishing. Think about pushing the right hand away
  • memorize

Hunter’s Chorus

  • practice with a metronome. goal is 85-80 bpm for the quarter note
  • memorize
  • quarter notes longer, no crescendo, no pulsing