Welcome back! All the important things–your embouchure, breathing and tonguing sound great; you’ll remember notation and fingerings very quickly. For this week, remember to stop if you tired. Don’t bite your lip! Practice the G major scale, G to high D. Also, “Early One Morning” and “Kalinka”.



The steadiness of your airstream is much improved. Work on speeding up the Serenyi Magyaros, and work on the “Emperor Quartet” theme and the Swan Lake theme, focussing on smoothness of sound. Spend some time on low notes, but don’t worry too much about them when playing a piece.



Great work on last week’s pieces. Careful not to move unnecessarily, and be sure to listen for a steady pitch and sound. Practice the Brahms “Lullaby”, the “Emperor” theme, and the instant composition (you can give it a title, too).