Hello Piano Explorers and Parents

Here’s today’s assignment:


Great work today on The Bubble.  All the rhythms and notes were in place, and the tempo was up to speed! You have learned this piece, so you have completed book 1. Don’t forget that this means you can perform this song for friends and family, so keep playing your favourites from book 1. In book 2A, play Famous People  carefully so that the eighth notes and quarter notes are played correctly (say ti-ti or ta or count the numbers). Start Skip to my Lou this week.



In Hush Little Baby, play this quietly, like you are putting a baby to sleep.  You can play the entire song this week. Be sure to follow the movement of the notes carefully, especially the repeated notes (did you play all of them?).  Since she is only working on one song this week, ask her to review past songs, and see if she can continue to play them?



Your Octave Blues is improving. Keep playing this, and be careful especially when moving across the keyboard (she moves from C to F, but sometimes both hands don’t move to the same place, or them move too far).  Rain, Rain is coming together, and keep playing this 3-4 times daily. Hot Cross Buns : The RH is correct but sometimes she focuses too much attention there and misses some LH notes. Remind her to look up and down to check the treble and bass clef.



New song Spring Theme this week. Be careful on the second page where the RH has to move. Think about this new position and check your hands if you hear something that doesn’t sound correct. The first page of M&M Medley is sounding great. The second page is tricky (and in a new position!) so slow down your playing so you can read all the notes.



Great job on the Can Can, C Scale Stomp, Freres Jacques. Especially Can Can was up to speed throughout the entire piece and we had a great time playing the duet together. We started Alouette today (in a new position). Be sure to check the rhythm in the first bar. Think about “Lon-don Bridge”. You can start the first page of M&M Medley. Have a nice trip!



Great job on Tick Tock. This week, start Hot Cross Buns and Largo. Remind her to keep her fingers closer to the keys so that she doesn’t move out of the position. We will be eventually moving out of C position so that she doesn’t always associate C with finger 1, D with finger 2, etc. but for now keeping her fingers closer to the keys will help with learning how far apart the keys are in relation to each other. Last week, we played a game where she had to identify a key with a finger, and see how many she could get correct in one minute. You could also do that at home with her. Thank you for reminding her about the rhythm. We will continue to work on that in the upcoming weeks.


Thanks everyone