Great first lesson, Lindsay. It’s nice to see that you’re excited about trumpet & willing to put in the time and effort to practice!

What to practice:   

Lip Buzzing: 5 – 10 mins. This is a good one to squeeze in if you don’t have time to sit down to play. Quiet to loud buzzing, as well as moving the pitch around will help everything feel more efficient. Remember the breath!!!!!!!! Think of the glass of water & the bellows analogy.

C major scale (concert Bb): 10 mins. Do this one in chunks if the top half of the scale isn’t speaking. C-G, C-A, and so on. You can isolate spots – as we did in lesson – which will smooth everything out. Try them tongued and slurred… take your time and feel comfortable on every note!

Lip Slurs: 10 mins. This is all about air. Start on C and try to slur – no tongue – up to G. The movement in the lips is super subtle so don’t over think it! If you get that feeling comfortable, try to get the C above G. You can also try these starting on B and Bb as well, you might find it easier.

Playlists and other content:

It’s crucial to hear examples of the instrument being played at a high level. Here are some examples of my favourite trumpet players & groups with great horn sections. Also some extra youtube videos just for fun. Enjoy!