Allegro in D major (3A)
How to practice: At a slow tempo, put both hands together. If a passage is to chalenging, study with separate hands. For next week study the first page.

Down by the bay (2B)

How to practice: Start reading the piece. Pay special attention to the chord changes.


Copy Cat. How to practice: Read and play the whole song (p. 60 and 61). Remember that what is played on the right hand, is repeated one octave lower on the left hand.


Favorite Words. Speed up the song. Go gradually, when you are able to play at certain speed without stopping, you go to the next tempo.

Jingle Bells. Play the first two lines. Remember to start in G position (Thumb in G right hand; pinky in G left hand). First line starts in the note B. Second line in the note C.


August. Play the arpeggios with the left hands as well as the melody in the right hand. Use the lyrics if needed to clarify the rhythms.

Sonatina in C major. Practice up to bar 37 with both hands. If needed, practice with separate hands first and then together.

No Drug Like Me: Transpose it to Bb Major as much as you can for next week.




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