Great job again this week everybody! Sorry to be late on these assignments, but there’s nothing here you can’t make progress on before Wednesday!


Great job again this week Ella, its super cool to see you continuously improve on Breezeblocks!

Recommended Practice Time: 30mins

What to practice: Keep playing through Breezeblocks but we are going to transition to start working on Lesson 6 from Reading, Rudiments, and Rock Drumming ( Also take a listen to Last Kiss by Pearl Jam and see if you can work out the beat!

How to practice effectively: Reading, Rudiments, and Rock Drumming is exactly that. The first section is just rhythmic exercises to work on counting and rhythmic vocabulary while the second section looks at rudimental patterns like paradiddles and the last is just different types of drum beats. Take a stab at it and we’ll dig into it in depth on Wednesday! We’ll also play a little bit of Last Kiss but I want you to try and see if you can pick up the beat by ear first before I make a transcription for you.


Pleasure as always this week Jonah! Keep playing hard this week and I think we’ll dig into some new stuff Wednesday!

Recommended practice time: 15mins

What to practice: This week Jonah I want you to keep being creative with your fills and try them out with some new beats, keep playing everyday!

How to practice effectively: Think about new drums to play the fills on or different rhythms to play in the space. Try coming up with new beats to work them into.


I could tell you put in some work to Crab Rave Samson, keep up the good work this week!

Recommended practice time: 15mins

What to practice: Specifically practice the beat of Crab Rave, we broke it down a little bit this week but I want to see if you can get it down super solid this coming week and be able to play through the whole song!

How to practice effectively: Break down the beat exactly like we did in the lesson: first start with the kick on every beat, then add the snare drum on 2 and 4 every other beat, and then add the hi-hat in the off-beat, and continue to count and add all the smaller hi-hat notes. Count it out and practice slowly and you’ll get it!


Great to see you again this week Sylvie, thanks especially for your patience and persistence with the zoom troubles!

Recommended practice time: 30mins

What to practice: Keep practicing the Lesson 8 sheet I gave you with the fills and try to look at the top part with the paradiddles! This week we’ll review that stuff and start working on some new things.

How to practice effectively: Make sure to count through the beat and start the fill in the right spot. Also practice hitting the crash on the downbeat and going straight back to the groove after the fill. The paradiddles are just hand patterns so don’t be afraid to try them at a bunch of different tempos on different drums!