Nice job this week everyone! Here are your homework suggestions. Recommended practice time is 15mins a day :)


-Practice “Let’s Play Ball” and “Rodeo”
-Here is the link for an easy Halloween song to learn!:


-Hey Jude: watch out for the notes in bar 6, and 9-10; practice the piece hands separately
-Greensleeves: practice with the pedal
-Here is the link for your Halloween song:


-Night of the Tarantella: pay attention to which octave you’re playing in
-Morning: try out the first two lines with the RH
-Here is the link for two possible Halloween songs, which we can take a look at next week:


-Somersault King: one more week on this, paying close attention to the articulation markings (staccato), and keep your tempo consistent by practicing with a metronome
-Sonatina: great work on this so far, keep up the practicing
-A minor triads
-Here is the link for some possible Halloween songs, which we can take a look at next week:


-Come See the Parade: practice with both hands; try to keep your hands on the keyboard the whole time
-Ghosts and Goblins: practice hands separately, remember to watch out for the G# (sharp) and the G natural


-Moonlight Melody: one more week just focusing on dynamics
-Alone on Halloween: practice playing hands separately

See you all next time!


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