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Toronto Acoustic, Electric, and Bass Guitar Teacher

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Project Description

B.Mus (Carleton)

Michael Magliaro is a Toronto based guitarist, performer and composer.  Growing up in the Greater Toronto area, he performed in a variety of musical groups including Choirs, Concert Bands, Rock Bands, Theatre Pit Bands and Jazz Ensembles.  After enrolling and graduating from the St. Thomas Aquinas Pathway for the Performing arts he moved on to Carleton University where he graduated with a B.MUS Honours in Jazz Performance studying with the likes of Juno award winner Jesse Stewart, Wayne Eagles and Dr. James Wright.

He began performing live music in Toronto at the age of 16, playing in Rock cover bands with high school friends.  Since then he has played everywhere from dingy bars to public theatres and private art galleries.  Michael is currently involved in multiple groups that perform locally, around the GTA and from time to time, as a solo singer songwriter.

Michael’s approach to teaching is based on treating music as learning a new language, “You have to learn to read, write, and speak properly in order to best express yourself.”  With a strong background in Music theory, Michael is an advocate and firm believer that a well-rounded Musical Education can help anyone of any age hone the skills they need for everyday life.

Hobbies:  Sports (hockey, Soccer, Golf etc.), getting exercise and DIY projects around the house

Get to know Michael…Beyond the Bio!

Musical influences: Frank Zappa, John Pelosi, Wayne Eagles, Michel Delage and Miles Davis

Favourite Food: Anything Mom makes

Least Favourite: I’m usually too hungry to be picky!

Favourite Music: Queen, AC/DC, Frank Zappa etc.  It really depends on my mood.

Favourite Song: That’s a tough one, right now I’d say “Good old Fashioned Lover Boy” by Queen

Favourite Movie Music: Loved the Soundtrack in Guardian’s of the Galaxy 2

Favourite Musical Theatre/Opera: The Marriage of Figaro

Best Quote from your Teacher: “Try to hear everything before you play it”

Favourite Quote:Information is not knowledge. Knowledge is not wisdom. Wisdom is not truth. Truth is not beauty. Beauty is not love. Love is not music. Music is THE BEST.”

Favourite Book: The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway

Best thing about teaching at ABC: Doing what I love and sharing it with others!

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Week of Feb 26th

Continue to work on the Weezer tunes O Girlfriend and Say it Ain’t So. Remember to practice alternating between barre chords slowly going over the same two before moving on to the next pair.

Keep working on the strumming patterns we went over this week. Remember to angle the guitar pick appropriately especially on the upstroke to get an even sound when strumming. Always practice with a metronome when you can.

Continue working on the assigned tunes in your guitar book as well as getting down the chord changes we went over. Remember to play the chord melodically while listening for any dead notes, this will tell you if you need to adjust your hands or use more pressure.

Keep working on the assigned tunes in your guitar book. Remember to always practice with a metronome when you can and to say and play the notes. When practicing the finger picking pattern the key is to take it as slow as possible, this will ensure you develop the muscle memory in your hands.

March 1st, 2019|

Week Of February 5th

Continue to work on the notes of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings. Remember to say and play the notes in order to memorize them more effectively. Practice the E minor pentatonic scale up and down, try to memorize the pattern of the scale.

Practice playing the E minor pentatonic scale up and down using a metronome. Continue working on the Chords for “Can’t blame a girl for trying”. Remember to practice the chord changes slowly in order to get it under your fingers.

Keep working on playing the C, D and G major chords. These shapes can be difficult at first as it will take time to find a comfortable position for your wrist and fingers. Continue working on assigned pieces out of your guitar book and the E minor pentatonic scale.


Continue to work on the finger picking pattern we were going over as well as notes on the first and second strings. Finger picking takes a quite a bit of patience so don’t be discouraged if you’re having trouble (always practice slowly). Also try and memorize the E minor pentatonic scale pattern.

February 6th, 2019|
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