Enjoy the long weekend everybody :)


Eb Major scale. Fingering: RH 312 3412 3. LH 321 4321 3

Star Wars. Be sure the LH is not so loud it drowns out the melody. Use the written RH fingering we worked on. Have fun with however much you have time to work on this week!

Prelude in A minor. Awesome job getting the 6/8 feel. Keep it up, and be sure to move the RH up an octave for the final part where both hands play in unison. Notice the form of this piece, play to the DC part, go back to the beginning and then take the little Coda portal to the coda.


Forest Song – All. Great work! If you practice just the 2nd page you will be practicing all the components of the piece, so when having a practice session you can begin at m.12 and work towards the end. Next week I’ll hear page 2, and then the whole thing together.

Next week I’ll also teach you a new major scale!


*New piece* First 8 bars of The Snake. Notice the odd key signature creating a “harmonic minor sound”. Ensure that as one hand’s phrase ends, the other begins with no rest in between.

*New* B major scale. RH, thumbs on white keys B and E only. LH start finger 4, go 4321 4321.

Keep working on Mist (Awesome work today !!), and Minuet. You have all the skills and understanding to play both of these Hands Together slowly.


*New* Sunset at the Beach in level 4 book – HS practice however much you like. No expectations, just a fun new challenge piece to explore. Count carefully.

Great work on your other pieces. Start thinking about which List A, B, C, and which 2 etudes you’d like to do for the exam and start thinking of them with memorizing in mind.

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E and D major scale. Same fingering as your other scales. E has 4 black keys, D has 2.

M. 17 onwards Boat of Tai Lake. This is because a lot of the phrases we’ve already learned repeat on this latter half of the piece so focusing practice on this area will bring the more unfamiliar stuff up to snuff:) Great counting this week, it was much more steady. For lines where the LH plays two notes at a time, practice these hands seperate.


Trumpet Voluntary. Careful counting and noticing of dynamics. In the last line the RH moves up an octave.

C Major triad and inversions.  Here is a video showing the notes played in the RH. Here is a video showing how I’d like you to play them, she is using her LH. Notice how the hand crawls up the keyboard like a crab.


Angelfish – m17-20 get in time so you’re not rushing your LH up. You could practice this pattern up the keyboard in time.

The Snake – good timing. Ensure ending has all notes

Ecossaise in Eb – m17 get comfy going to the A natural in the RH. Spot practice this measure. Great job smoothing out the LH fingering.

Detectives – more bouncy!! great notes and rhythms but need more staccato. Think a chicken pecking the keys. Can add more dynamics too!

Great work!!