“The Girl from Ipanema”: Practice the chord sequence for the B section (left hand) for next class. Once you have that solved, practice the B section with the melody in the right hand. Pay attention to where the chords fall in relation to the melody.
Write in your notebook the chords that follow, as well as why they are made up of those notes.


My piano adventures p. 39-40. Make sure he’s using the right hand position, and that he is reading the notes correctly and with the correct hand (right hand is the top staff; left hand the bottom staff).


“Athletic” (Super Mario): Take a few minutes of your practice time to play mm. 7-8 so you get the right rhythm in the left hand. Then try mm. 7-11.

Practice the bit seen in class (mm. 12-15). Try slow first, so you can memorize the notes in succession. Once you feel confident playing this bit, start from the beginning.


The 1: Practice with metronome (anywhere between 70 and 75 bpm). Make sure that your piano playing always falls in the beat. Practice just the piano a few times before trying to sing.
Memorize the lyrics of the song.

Practice the following chord sequence:

||: Gm7-C7-Fmaj7-Bbmaj7-Em7(b5)-A7-Dm7-D7 :||