Everyone is sounding awesome! Great, great job everyone! Way to put in the work!


At Night at the River – hands together. The 4 bars that I underlined need isolation. When playing any left hand line, think long-short-long -short. Be sure to disconnect the line and move your hand, rather than stretch the octave between the F#s.

Beethoven in Piano Pronto – All. Really great job with the accents and articulation! Your details are bang on. The bridge goes through multiple key centres so read your accidentals carefully.

Give your scales some more hands seperate love with attention to the fingering specifically.


Laundry Limbo – all 4 pieces. This unit is about playing the notes D, E and F in both hands, sometimes in unison, sometimes taking turns. Use the finger number clues over the first notes to find your starting position and keep your hands there. We want to make sure all our fingers get to play.

Today we played a few pieces from the level 1 Piano Adventures Lesson book including Firefly, some of Ferris Wheel, and Young Hunter.


Maple Leaf Rag – love the accents you’re adding in to the LH.

*New* DesafinadoListen here. This is a Bossa Nova which is Brazilian in heritage! No swing feel.

Warsaw Session – wow ,nice job with all the counting details! Add in pedal now.



Superman Theme – add LH. When I drew lines it means the hands play together, when I drew an arrow, the RH comes in between the bass line. Go slow and be sure you are getting the beats in the right places.

Song of the Dark Woods – all. Very accurate fingering! Great work! The next line uses many accidentals, but fingering enables a very smooth LH line:

*New* Cranky Cat – m1-8. Listen here. We circled triads that appear and labeled them. Be sure to bounce staccato, it will help with the leaps too.

Keep all technique prepared.


Pierrot Skipping – All. Practice in 4 bar chunks. Use the phrase line markings as a guide.

Keep all technique skills prepared. Formula sounded nice today.

River Dance – All. Very nice job. Be careful not to rush the 2nd bar of the pattern, just quarter notes.

Greta – teacher code #130747

*New* Song of the Dark Woods – 2 lines. This piece is in D minor, watch your fingering and Bbs. Similar to the Snake, shape and grow to the top of each phrase.

Angelfish – All. Great job keeping it even. Now do the written fingering to get the melody line legato.

Great job on the technique.

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