Hi everyone! <3 Hope everyone’s doing well and having fun! Thanks for your hard work.


Camel Caravan. The LH does the same thing for the entire piece so it’s super important it stays really steady like a playalong track. I would practice the RH alone for a couple days to get the rhythms and fingerings super solid. Embrace the “crunchy” sound that the F and E together creates, you’re playing it correctly!

Scales in D Major. Learning new scales with you today was so fun! This one uses the same fingering as C. RH = 123 12345. LH = 54321 321.

Composing exercise. Choose either the I chord or the V7 chord to place in each of the empty LH bars. There are no answers, just certain choices that are more expected. As long as you explain why you chose what you did, I’m happy!


Lightly Row. Practice hands seperately until confident. The LH intervals have been written in for you at the start (interval is how far apart the notes are). Remember the down-up wrist movements in the RH, and how we connect the sound of the notes that are connected by legato lines.



Lunar Eclipse. Great reading once again! Focus your practice on the last half of the piece, to get it as smooth as the beginning.

Young Ludwig Exploring. Work out the first 4 bars. The hands imitate each other immediately after the other finishes. (example LH finishes on beat 1, RH starts on the “and of 1”.

Practice your minor triads. They are related to the major keys you already know. F Major shares all the same notes with its “neighbour that lives 3 doors down” = D minor. Same with G Major and E minor. And C Major and A minor. I’ll teach you the special minor scales next class :)


Sonatina 2nd Mvt. Nice work! Spend a bit more time at the top of the 2nd page to get comfy with it. Practicing like 1 beat at a time is awesome, and then adding the next beat, and the next – a good way to “get the notes under your fingers”. On page 1 you can start thinking about playing the melody louder than the RH triplets.

Harlequinade. Awesome! I would isolate the measures with lots of 16th notes in them and play them many times alone. Go slow and steady to ensure all the 16th notes are even.

Today we learnt the I-vi-IV-V chord progression. A super famous one! We learnt it in C and G today. Experiment and put it into 2 other keys this week. Remember whatever your I chord is – that’s the key signature and notes you’ve got to use. Have fun with it!


Page 1 of The Food Court. This piece is in G position and doesn’t move positions. Focus on connecting the sound of the RH melody in the legato part (no holes between the sound). Think of it like walking, one foot is always on the ground at any moment, that’s how your fingers should be on the keys.

C Major scale RH – 123 12345 fingering. The only tricky part of the fingering is the thumb tucking under the other fingers to play F. Practice doing it with minimal movement of the rest of your arm, like it’s a sleight of hand card trick. Great job *getting* this today!