Great job on Sitting on the Dock of the Bay! It is sounding great. Keep working away at the bar chords. I know they are difficult but keep trying to practice them in small sessions as discussed. Another great thing to focus on is chord transitions as we talked about. This exercise can be done with open chords or bar chords. Switch back and forth between each of the chords for a song. The repetition will help your fingers feel where they need to move for the next chord. Repeat this on a couple of tunes. Nice work on Bad Moon Rising! Try this one with bar chords this week too! Nice job!


Nice job on Wildest Dreams! Keep working on the melody! We have done the pre chorus and chorus together. Try to figure out the verse by yourself this week (hint: it is a different combination of the same notes from the chorus). We will finish this one next time. Try your best to keep working on the chords. I know they are tricky but you are doing great! Nice work!


Ocean Man and Polka Dot Tail sound great! Try to play along to the songs! Great job on In My Life! It is a great tune to know. Listen to it this week and try to learn the form. Try to play it all the way through! Great work on Hey Jude. We will learn the melody for this one next time. Great work!


Warm Chris is sounding awesome! This song is super tough but you did great with it. This is one that we can work on over time as something to work towards. The finger picking is sounding great. Those two patterns will take you a long way, so keep working on them. Start out playing the pattern on one chord, and then incorporate other chords when you are more comfortable with the pattern. Nice work on Girl On Fire! This is a great tune! We can learn the melody for this one next time! Nice job!


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