Hi everyone! Happy slush day :D Stay safe on the roads out there.


*New Piece* Ocean Waves. This piece features A and D natural minor scales. Focus on beginning the scales on the “and of 1” and keeping them nice and even. Add some shaping however you like to bring the “wave” to life.

*New Piece* Going Undercover. Focus on evenness of 8th notes with this one. The LH notes are what gives the pattern harmony, so bring them out loudly. Do not allow your RH arm/wrist to tighten up, stay loose and pretend this is the easiest thing in the world. I circled the notes that break the pattern.

Gb Major Scale. The only white keys in this one are Cb (B) and F. RH fingering is 234 123 12. LH is 4321 321 2(or 4 if you’re going to do more octaves).


Lightly Row. Practice this hands together this week, you did it really well in lesson! When the hands are playing together, they both have the same articulation (staccato). Keep up the great down-up motion of the wrist in the two-note slurs. Believe in yourself! This is within your capabilities!

G Major one octave hands seperate scale. This uses the same fingering as your C Major scale in both hands, except it starts on G and then has one black key (F#, right before the top G). Warm up with this.


Lunar Eclipse. Nice!! Build up your confidence in the ending section a little more, and add some dynamics in so it’s quieter and more mysterious than the musical “high point” just before.

Young Ludwig Exploring. Work on all 8 bars of this this week. Until the ending of G B CCCCCCC it is solely the hands copying each other. Beware of how accidentals like flats affect the entire measure. Have fun with this one!

*New Piece* Minuet in C. Work on as much as you can of this hands seperate. I believe the whole LH is achievable this week, and some of the RH. Keep a nice steady pulse, and remember to count yourself in in 3. The LH notes are detached unless otherwise marked (great job circling the text mentioning that, great habit!).


*New Piece* Chinese Kites. Have fun with this black key piece! Focus on discovering and bringing out the melody. Make it beautiful.

Sonatina mvt 2. Add in the dynamics like the dramatic forte and suddenly pianos. Fix the legato broken thirds on page 2. Ghost the LH triads at the start to make them quieter than the melody. Great work!

Harlequinade. Make the opening RH Gs more detached and staccato. Fix the evenness of the 8th – 2 16th notes rhythm I circled. Really big improvement on this one this week!

Interval worksheet and daily sightreading practice.


Shadows. Beware of E flats and A flats. All the notes are staccato and bouncy. Make sure you’re doing the written fingering for the LH pattern, of crossing the finger 2 over to play A flat. Great work reading today!

Warm up with your C Major scales one octave. RH is 123 1234 5. LH is 54321 321. You’ve got this!!!