Snowflake Rag: Practice from beginning to end and if possible, memorize the piece. Take a few minutes of your practice time to review the transitions between each part (from the introduction to the melody, from the melody to the chords section , from that section back to the melody, and from there to the end).


Piano adventures p. 18. If you are not sure about the notes in the staff, see the top of the page. Remember to count to 3 for the dotted half notes.
Practice the Underground theme up to where we left.

Note: It was really helpful to have the parent involved in Caedan’s class today, so I would like to ask for their support for the next classes if possible. Thanks!


The 1:

Practice the piano and the singing separately. For piano, play the song and figure out ways to break the established pattern. You can add notes on the bass (from the chord you are playing, just make sure that you fall in the right note when the next chord comes), or do arpeggios on the chords in the right hand.

To practice the melody, figure the notes out on the piano, and sing while playing the melody. If needed, play slow so you can correct yourself if a note is too sharp or too flat.