Missed you today :) Continue to explore other keys with your new scale articulation patterns. I’m excited to hear Imperial March, Stars and Stripes, and Storm at Midnight next week.


Swiss Cuckoo –  Nice work! The last 3 bars are the only place we need to really loop and practice to get the hands coming together at the right pace now. Add in some dynamics to really add to the playfulness. Echos when ideas repeat and a exciting loud finish!

Mystery Ride – Woohoo!! Nice work on the rhythm! Check the 3rds in m12, they should all be major 3rds. Keep on pushing ahead, phrases repeat until the end so you know all the notes already :)

Bb major scale – See fingering below :) Movement should be lateral and the thumb under movements should create no tension in the hand.


G minor triads – they look fine! Perhaps try not to “zig zag” in and out of the black keys when the Bbs appear and remain “further in” to the keys.
Remember to repeat the top note on your triads at the turnaround point.

Pieces are sounding really great! Sonatina – the most important thing is to project that opening melody over the accompanying Alberti bass and to project a more mellow mode. Listen to this recording.
As a whole I’m really loving the dynamics (In the Spirit and Clowns had awesome range) you’re bringing to your playing and the examiners will too!

Continue sightreading at home, interval identification is going well, as is melody playback.