Happy last day of lessons and have an amazing day at school tomorrow! You’re all rock stars :)


Great job with balance between hands on Elegant Elephant. Keep thinking about balance to the melody in Every song you play:)

Carnival song – amazing A section. B section do more hands together practice and ensure you feel the difference between quarter and 8th notes. Notice any skips in the melody.

Don’t Stop Believing – this will be such a fun project! We explored the melody by ear today, and we also know the basic chord progression. Being aware of these things will really help make the learning process from paper way easier.

Remember you know all 12 major scales, it would be fun to test if you still know them randomly throughout the summer….
Have fun playing ANYTHING this summer! Just stay connected with music and the keyboard, which I’m sure will be no problem in your household :) Stay safe and have fun!


Mystery Ride sounds so cool! Congrats!

Fundoodle – so today we confirmed how tied notes work. When a small curved line connects two of the exact same note, it combines their “values” (how long they are) together. This opening RH riff has two 8th notes tied together, so they are held for 1 beat (quarter note). Most of this piece uses inversions of major triads, notice this, it’ll make it easier to find the correct hand shape. Have fun with it’s playful nature.

*NEW* The Can-Can – this piece is in D major and uses only D or A chords. Play the LH a bunch seperate until it’s easy and everything should have a bouncey silly feel. The written fingering is SO helpful, use it. The fingering changes are easy and help set you up to have enough fingers to play higher or lower notes.

This summer, play ANYTHING at the piano, new or old. Just stay in touch with the keyboard and sightreading and we’ll have an easy transition in the fall. Stay safe and have so much fun!


I am sooooo sad to have missed you today. I will attach a piece here that I was going to give to you, not as homework, but because it’s cool and I think you’d rock it!

Have fun exploring your awesome new level 4 books, they have great pieces in them, and I eagerly await to see your (amazing) mark for your exam. You should be very proud of yourself :)


Summer song option = Fundoodle. This piece uses major chord inversions and syncopated rhythms to have a carefree feel.

Summer song options = In the book of Forty Classic Piano Pieces that I gave you and your brother, I put triangles beside pieces that you can do for quick study pieces in the summer.

Summer rock riffs: Highway to Hell intro. Just play the bottom 2 notes of each chord. The chords as you identified are AAA DDG DDG DDG D A A. All the D chords are played as an inversion with F# on the bottom.

Jump by Van Halen. 

Summer song option: anything in your level 2 RCM book.

Have a great time in Europe and have fun playing on your relative’s pianos! Stay connected with music, which I know you will, and make sure to spend a littttttttle time reading music so it’s not such a hard transition in the fall :) You rock!