Enjoy your March break everyone! You work really hard and it shows <3


*New* Minstrel Song. Be sure to play your Bbs when they occur. Again, balance to the RH melody.

Dark Eyes. Work on playing the LH quieter, like a beautiful violin accompaniment to your RH melody. Try shaping “to” the dotted quarter note, as in make it the loudest, and make a pyramid of sound around it.

Work on your D minor harmonic scales (Bb and C#), and D minor triads. Both hands.

Since it is March break, feel free to use the extra time to work on Duel of the Fates and I will assist you how I can. Remember your F#s.


Great job on Grumpy Old Troll!

*NewRussian Sailor Dance. You were amazing reading this today! Continue to pay close attention to the staccato and legato contrast. Remember your rules for sharps, the sharp affects that note for the entire measure, and then the bar line resets it. Remember your bouncy wrist on the staccatos.

D Major scale. Two black notes, F# and C#. Same fingering as your other scales.


You know all your white key start scales! Woohoo! Keep warming up with these :)

Mist – awesome work! Keep working to eliminate the gaps between each position.
The Snake – you know the ending now! Just pay attention to the fingering changes and you’ve got it. Practice the ending to get the coordination between the hands since that’s the only part where both hands play at the exact same time.
Heavenly Blue –
we learnt the latter half of this today! Now you can play the whole thing, I wouldn’t practice it all in one go though, break it into chunks for practicing.
Minuet in C – 
we didn’t play this today, but practice it all hands together over this March break.


Keep plugging away at memorizing your repertoire pieces (etudes don’t need to be memorized).

Arabesque – For the LH middle section, practice the 16th notes in random swung rhythms, and then finish off this section practicing it straight ahead as written. This will really help your evenness. Ensure these end with staccato notes (just like the RH does at the beginning).

Sunset at the Beach – There’s only two rhythmic things to fix on the second page, otherwise, awesome! Keep plugging away :)

Technique, start using your metronome as you practice, you can refer to the chart you have to see the minimum required tempos. If there are any specific keys that you struggle with, make note of them, and we can look at those next time.


*New* Folk Song Mix-Up. Pay close attention to the sharps (#s) and how they rule that note for the rest of the bar, and then the barline resets it. In the last two lines remember to move down one octave in the LH, a concept called 8va.

I have updated the Ready as I’ll Ever Be document in the Google drive to indicate finger numbers and position changes.

I have also uploaded images of C Major triads notes both on the staff and on the keyboard to help you practice your broken (one note at a time, bottom to top) triad patterns. You can use these as a warmup :) Do both hands, but seperate.