Let It Be is sounding great! Keep practicing the chords and the melody. Play along to the song doing both. Nice work today on the soloing ideas! Remember that the different techniques we went over are lenses for us to switch out and change between. Focus your practice on the major ideas, and the minor pentatonic ideas. Experiment with playing the minor pentatonic from the relative minor and the root of the chord. YouTube is an amazing resource for free backing tracks. Try out a couple keys! Great work!


Wildest Dreams is sounding great! Keep working on it! Great job with Whisper of the Heart today! Try to play the whole song! Practice it along to the song and on your own. Singing along while you are playing is a great way to practice! We will finish it next time. Great job!


Nice work on Feel Like Making Love! Keep working on the head. Listen to a couple versions as reference for the phrasing. Nice work on the soloing ideas today! Experiment more with it this week. There is a great backing track of this tune on YouTube. Nice work on Corcovado! The melody is sounding really nice. Listen to the Stan Getz version this week. Nice work!


Nice work on the Matilda tunes! They are sounding great. Nice work on Baby Says today! Focus on the double stop idea this week. This is a really important step in finger picking, as it forces your fingers to move more independently. Start practicing this technique on simple 1 4 5 patterns like How Lucky. After that, try it out on Continental Breakfast. Finally, take a look at Baby Says. Great work!