Hello everyone :)


You’re working on the first 8 bars of The Juggler. Great job playing this in class today. Focus on the difference between the light, plucky staccato sections and the smoothness of the legato sections.

You’re also working to fill out the note reading Halloween worksheet. They’re all in the same range your pieces are right now.

Recommended practice: 15-20 minutes


You’re focusing on the 2nd page of The Infinity Session this week. Remember line 3 is simply a G major descending scale.

You’re also working on putting your scales to the metronome to make them even this week. Everything is usually even except for the thumb-under part. Play C, G or F major with the metronome set to 69 and put 2 notes per tick (making 8th notes).

Recommended practice: 20-25 minutes


You’re working on Arctic Voices. Practice from the end backwards to gain comfort in playing these parts of the song. You can work on it in chunks to make the position changes come more natural to you.

You’re also working on reviewing your scales. D, F and Bb major. b, d, and g minor. You can already do them above the required tempo which is so awesome!

Recommended practice: 25-30 minutes


Missed you this week! Also, sorry I’ve been spelling your name with an E this whole time. Look forward to seeing you next week.


You’re working on The Planets. This piece is about whole steps. It doesnt have ANY half steps (notes right beside each other on the keyboard). It’s going to sound a lot different and more “spacey” (pardon the pun) than your other pieces but don’t worry! Trust your reading skills.

Keep working on Whirlwind and getting the last 2 lines nice and even. Make sure the first two lines are legato and nice and connected.

We also learnt the B Major scale. Play this RH only slow and even. It only has two white keys = B and E. They are your landmarks where your thumb goes, and your fingers play the black keys they so comfortably land on. Fingering is 123 1234 5. Notes are B, C#, D#, E, F#, G#, A#, B. Great work!

Recommended practice: 20-25 minutes