Allegro in D major: Study the second page at a slow tempo. Pay special attention to the trasitions between bars 11-12 and 12-13. Play the repetitions.

Down by the Bay: Study with metronome. Start at 90 bpm and accelerate from there as much as you can up to the suggested tempo of the piece.


Study p. 54-55 ” Mary’s Rockin’ Pets” of the book. Pay attention to the fingers indicated and the hand. In the figures with the white dots (half notes) make sure you say 2 after playing the note.


Piano Adventures Book 1: “Firefly” (p. 8). Read as much as possible for next class.


Practice “A Friend like You” at a slightly faster tempo.

Do the written exercise in p. 21 (quarter, half and whole rests).

Start reading “My Robot” in p. 22. Pay attention to the C sharps in the piece.


Improvise over this chord sequence: C-G-Am-F. Play a melody in quarter notes. In the first beat, you must always fall in a note of the chord (i.e. In C major, on the first beat you must fall on either C, E or G).

Sonatina in C Major: Practice it at a slow tempo, but complete (including the repetitions).

Search for songs that have a piano arrangement.