Good work this week.  Try to make the chords we learned this week. C chord, F chord and G chord. Practice making a nice firm sound with your fingers curved like gentle hammers.  Try hands apart and hands together.  Play these chords over and over on all parts of the keyboard.  Get good at moving from one to the other.  You are learning so quickly and I’m so pleased with your progress.  Keep working on it all!

Good job this week. Try making the chord formations we learned this week. C, F and G.  practice moving with ease from one to the other. Try making these chords hands together in different parts of the keyboard. Have a look at the “Splits” exercise again.  Remember both thumbs start on middle C.  You are learning so fast and I’m so glad to see you enjoying it.  Keep exploring sounds and the dramatic character they have. Keep up the good work!

Nice to see you again!  You’re doing great.  Start working on the new piece we chose.  Try learning each line with each hand separately and then put them together.  Write the letters of notes lightly with pencil.  Then erase them after you learn each part. Keep up the good work!

It’s so fun to teach you! You have so much talent.  Keep exploring new songs all the time online with your song-learning game and with paper music.  Always try to make beautiful and exciting expression with your music.  I know you’ll go far.  Keep up the good work! :)