Keep working on your pieces in the book with steady tempo, try not to rush or slow down, keep everything moderate and slow



Keep up the good work! For this week, practice My Robot and Rockin’ Tune in fluency and equal rhythm, and write out the notes for both hands for Halloween!



Technique – review level 3; A+ and Eb+ scale & triads, c harmonic scale/formula, c melodic minor
Keep working on increasing tempo on Sonatina and Polonaise (listen and follow the metronome without rushing or slowing down), everything else has been sounding great!
Arctic Voices – be careful of rushing in tempo, held notes, and breath marks; hold onto the whole notes for longer before moving on to next note
Left Alone – work on pedalling (play the note down before getting off and pedal down), and chordal playing with fixed finger posture
Little Piece No.7 – keep left hand playing staccato and slurs phrasing in the right hand