You did so well this week with your recognition of notes on the piano and the staff.  Well done!
Practice playing Ode To Joy with both hands at the same time.  Make sure to use the correct finger for each note.  You can stay within the five finger position on this piece.
Have a look at the Fire Fly Song.  Try naming the notes on the page, which fingers would you use?
Keep up the good work!

Good job on your sight reading.  It’s challenging but worth it!
The Indian Song is getting really good.  Don’t forget the opening tee-tee-taa rhythm.  Be consistent with the pulse in the left hand especially.
Work on playing loud and soft where it says on the page
Good job! See you soon!


You are learning so fast! Good job!
I like very much the work you did in figuring out Twinkle Twinkle now work on Ode to Joy.  Get your brother to help you learn the melody so you can sing it.  Then go to the piano and figure out the melody
Your naming of the notes is coming along nicely.
Keep it up!

Start learning the Sherlock Holmes piece.
I’d like to hear the Bach Prelude next time so work on it some more.
We should look into getting another book for you as you are working through these songs quickly.
Practice good posture and concentration.
Good job! See you soon.

Kitty Waltz is coming along very very nicely.  Try to practice it at a faster speed so you can really dance to it!
You are learning very fast I’m proud of you.  It’s time to get a new book I think

Make sure you do a little singing every day. It’s soooo important.
Practice singing the scale with do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do both frontwards and BACKWARDS
I’ll be especially interested in hearing you sing it backwards this next week.
Keep working on the Sara B. Brave song.  It’s very cool.  Sing with the recording or video to really feel the beat.  Remember to not sing through the rests.
Good job! See you soon!