Happy Halloween!! ?


you did well this week Madison :) I continue to help you learn how to practice by breaking up the song into smaller chunks, usually 2 bars, practice the pair of bars at least 5-10 times or as long as it takes to get comfortable before you on! It will save you litany if time in the long run and is actually a more fun way to practice! In the future you’ll gain the skill to notice where you have trouble spots in a piece and naturally and easily make up your own repetitive exercises to tackle them.

in Lavenders Blue, all you need to do is to practice the two exercises I drew for you in your notebook, 10 times each, then you can play through the whole piece and it will be much smoother! If the last two bars still make you stop, take them and practice only them about 5 times before you play through the piece again. Next week is the last week you are allowed to play this song from the book, the following week, I expect it to be memorized!! I have flagged this song as a recital piece for you :))

I am considering having you play play it while another friend sings with you! Wouldn’t that be nice?

You still have no music notebook for me, so I will purchase for you and please reimburse me.

It is time for us to learn theory along side piano, I will try to bring you worksheets every now and then, including next week.

have a wonderful week!