You’ve been doing a great job on your weekly practices and learning new pieces! Don’t fall back and keep the practices going for our last couple of pieces in the book, and review everything we have learned thus far (The Calliope, Fanfare, Dance of the Spider and the Fly, Sundays on the Prairie…etc). Also, we’re going to get and move on to a new book soon!



We’ve been doing well in the last few weeks! Keep your weekly practices going, and do focus on working in small sections on your pieces in details (notes, articulations – staccatos, short/long slurs, dynamic changes, and fingerings). Also, do review your technical skills before every practice session, and focus on the fingering and equal quality of the tones. For extra work – use your Four Star book to practice your sight-reading skills!



We’re 2 pieces away from finishing our current book and moving on to the next level! You did well this week on reading and playing through The Cowboy and The Planets, so now work hard on them at home!



You do a great job on reading, playing, and doing your music theory homework. Keep on practising every week, and focus on the quality, not quantity of your practices in your pieces. If you come across something you “don’t know” how to play, always look back to pieces we’ve learned to help you with your new pieces, there will always be a way to “teach yourself” by looking through your book!