Nice job tonight, folks! Homework suggestions are below:


-Print out Sunflower for next week please!
-“C’s Rock” — practice this one, make sure to pay attention to the rhythm


-“Forest Drums” — one more week on this, keep up the good work
-“No Moon Tonight” — aiming for the “smoothly moving” feeling
-“Grumpy Old Troll” — good start on this; pay close attention to the notes this week


-“Merry Widow” — keep up the counting out loud
-“Spring” — same idea, count out loud following the notes on the page
-“Surprise Symphony” — keep practicing, make sure the LH quarter notes are only held for one beat


-Celebrate Theory pg 14
-Etude — try practicing with metronome at 80
-Minuet in A — focus more on section 2 this week
-Minuet in F — practice all hands separately, and work on line 1 hands together
-A minor scale
-remember to think of tall posture when you’re sitting at the piano!
-Please print Imperial March for next week :)

Thanks for a good week!