Happy new year to all! I am sorry for the delay in this homework email. I had published this last week without realising I did not click a button that allows it to show up on my teacher page or to be sent to students and parents. Apologies for the inconvenience and I will make sure it does not happen again!

Hendry – Congratulations on completing your first lesson!
– Reminder: purchase Suzuki Viola Book 1, ask school teacher about missing chin piece
– Recommended practice time: 15-20 min/day
– Practice: Fingering and String Crossing exercises on p. 6-7 of Suzuki book, G Major, and D Major scale. Play each exercise a couple of times until you feel comfortable! Remind yourself – where are the rests? Is it a 1-2 or a 1-2-3-4 1-2 pattern? And finally, remember your posture – is my thumb curved? Are my feet balanced and apart? Is my wrist straight?

Have a great week and happy playing!