Hi everyone, it was great to meet you this week! Looking forward to working with all of you :)

Here are my suggestions for practising this week, and for some of you, the name of the book I am recommending you purchase. Links to these items will be added to my teacher page shortly, so please keep an eye out for that!


Try for 15 minutes 5 days this week!
-Keep practising Fly Me To the Moon from your chord chart — I will bring in a notated version for you next week so we can begin to connect the chord names with notes on the staff
-In the Hall of the Mountain King — practice the section we added the note names for; try saying the names of the notes out loud while you play to reinforce
-G major scale and triads — repetition is key here to help the hand movements feel more natural!


-Sing through Looking for America a couple of times this week — listen to the way she sings it and consider what elements you might like to emulate and which you might like to do differently. Embrace your own sound and the differences you might bring to a performance of it!
-Do a little bit of research on “solfege” (do re mi fa so la ti do) and start to become familiar with the order of the syllables to fast track memorizing them!
-The book I’d like you to get is called “Teach Yourself to Sing” by the publisher Alfred. I will make sure there’s a link to it on my teacher page!


Try for 15 mins 5 days this week
-Keep working on Shepherd’s Song from Piano Adventures book — Main homework is to find your book this week!
-My Favourite Things — when you’re singing it, think about what the words mean and how you can add different expressions to each new phrase– we can discuss more examples next week
-A Million Dreams — if you remember the changes we made to the melody to make the notes more reachable for you, practice these in so you form a new habit! If not, that’s okay, I’ll bring a copy for you next week with the changes made.
-Brainstorm a new musical theatre song you’d like to start working on!


Try for 15 mins 5 days a week
-A Knight Comes Riding/Through the Enchanted Forest — keep focusing on keep the LH quieter than the right! Watch out for bar 14 in “Knight” where the moving notes switch to the RH!
-Hickory Dickory Dock — practice each hand separately (skipping the “tick tocks” for now), and the first 3 bars hands together
-Are there any other fun songs you’d like to learn? (I will bring Rudolph for you)


-Keep looking at the words for “Some Things Never Change” — there are so many! Maybe focus on the second verse or the bridge this week, since you’re a little less familiar with that part!
-All is Found — I will bring a version in a higher key for you next week so it is more comfortable to sing!
-Can you come up with any other types of “meowing cats” for our warmups? (i.e. we already have opera cat… what might theatre cat sound like?)


-The book I would suggest for you to get is called “Alfred’s Adult All-In-One Course” and I will make sure there is a link to it on my teacher page!
-In the meantime, keep working from the youtube tutorials as you’ve been doing. See if you can find any that specifically look at connecting notes on the keyboard (visual image of them) to what their corresponding note would be on the staff.
-I will get an easy version of Kiss the Rain for you, but in the meantime you could start working on it by ear!

Have a good week everyone! Happy Practising! :)