Happy practicing this week and sorry for the delayed homework post!


Cora Ahrens (Same as last week!)
B.C.: nos. 15, 17, 18
T.C.: nos. 15, 17, 18

Theory (same as last week, again!)
pg. 50, #2 (only questions with stars)
pg. 51, #1 (only questions with stars)

Nothing new this week. Keep reviewing the scales you have learned. Review 1-2 scales on your list each time you practice!

Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Wow! Transitions are way better this week! Watch articulation in m. 9. I’ve marked in your music the smooth phrases and the staccato phrases you’re missing. Practice rolling the chord in the last measure of the piece. I can’t hear all 3 notes. Also m. 16 triplet to m. 17 — practice this transition so it’s comfortable and doesn’t sound rushed when you play.

Canon in D
You must practice with a metronome! Try to avoid cutting your longer note values short. H.S. segments this week: each time you start a new segment name the notes out loud (for each hand) so that you help yourself pick out patterns. For example, mm. 5-6 in the R.H. is playing F# E D C#, which is stepwise going down; this means you can really focus on your L.H.


Same as last week — Continue reviewing A minor scales and triads.

This Is My Planet Earth (TIMPE): Make sure you pick a tempo and you stick to it from start to finish. I suggest singing the first bars after the arpeggio to help you figure out how fast your arpeggio notes will be. *Watch out for F to G in measure 16!

Aria: Nice work this week! You learned how to play it H.S. up to m. 8 and met your playing goal this week! This week, make sure you watch out for those B-flats! Also be sure to watch out for staccato vs. legato phrasing in the piece.