#1. Longtones:

  • Continue Chromatic Voicing Exercise up to D (2nd overtone of G).
  • If you’re having trouble, make each pair of notes take a whole breath, and at the end of the note either do a tone matching exercise with the fingered pitch or abruptly lower your voicing to jump down to the fundamental note. If your jaw drops to facilitate the jump, that means you’re using tension instead of voicing to support the overtone; aim for minimal embouchure movement.

#2. F# minor scale, pg.63 of Voxman Book, all slurred at 50-60 bpm. This week we’ll work on the etude on pg. 32 – prepare it for the lesson.

#3. Danzon:

  • bars 74-94 at 100 bpm – practice at this tempo until you can play all notes, rhythms and articulations properly, then speed up by 15-20 bpm at a time.
  • treat melodies at 329 and 94 similarly: play with dramatic phrasing at a medium tempo (120 bpm), then work up.

#4. Continue Take Five:


Continue listening for this week (we’ll be looking on this song):

Blue Bossa by Joe Henderson

Blue Bossa by Dexter Gordon