Overworld Theme (Mario): Practice the first part with both hands. Be particularly careful about differentiating between the slow (quarter notes) and the fast (eight notes) rhythms. For the second part (right hand), practice with your hand as close to the notes as possible. Try not to move it too much from its position. That way you’ll gain speed.

Maria Ines:

City of Stars: Pratice the A section with the repetition. Pay special attention to the end of the section. Make sure you are not skipping parts/omitting the melody. For the B section, practice the melody as seen in class and the bass first with separate hands. When you feel confident, try to put them together.


Piano Adventures p. 66 “All my friends”. First, read the second line alone. I marked some notes so she doesn’t get lost. After that, practice the whole page.


Practice the C major scale, from C to C, with the fingering learned in class.

The Brady Bunch: keep practicing the song. Pay special attention to the rhythm indicated in class (left hand) and to hold the whole notes throughout the whole bar when they appear.