Have a great week everyone :)


Formula pattern in G major now too. Today you missed the first “up” motion after the first “in and out”, but great job otherwise. Note that when your hands are going apart the same fingers will be playing at the same time, and the thumbs will go under at the same time. This is helpful when beginning to deal with black keys.

Ditty of Yimeng Mountain. Keep plugging away with the correct fingering, I have circled it. It will really help! Nice job on the rolled chords, I look forward to hearing those last 8 bars next week.

Allegretto – Great articulations! Keep being picky with them. Isolate the B section like we did today and practice 2 bars at a time. Still play the A section, but spend more time isolating the B.


Lemonade Stand. Count yourself in with 1-2-3. Remembering your rounded fingers means to play with the tip of the finger, like the first knuckle is standing up.

A major scale. This scale has 3 black keys. C#, F#, and G#. It uses the same fingering as your other scales: RH 123 12345. LH 54321 321.


Aardvark Boogie – great! Watch the individual notes that end each pattern and ensure you’re playing what’s written. Isolate lines 3 and 5 to practice by themselves until they are smooth.

Page 1 of Whirling Leaves – Play the melody louder than the repeating left hand pattern, as the lefthand part is the sound of the constant whirling leaves. Keep your wrist nice and loose like you’re painting circles with each phrase. Notice the C#s.