Keep practicing the pattern from today and overall freedom with the bass drum. As a reminder: if “-” means rest and “|” means play,

–||  -||- ||-| |— is the pattern.


Good work getting the subdivisions for the sixteenth notes down! Keep doing the same metronome work as before to reinforce your improvement and try to do it with the reading exercises.


Even though we didn’t quite get to the end of drum corps on parade, I think you know how it’s supposed to sound now as a whole piece. Try to put together everything and have it performance-ready as soon as possible.


Today was a lot of work on basics; hopefully, some of it sticks with you. Remember to find a way to make the repetitive exercises interesting and push your limits physically when you practice!


Try to focus on the adjustments we made to your grip today and as I mentioned try to get your practice in earlier in the week if possible when all the directives are fresh in your memory. Remember to practice with a metronome at the smallest subdivision you play! We were at 240 bpm today for alternating strokes.