Practice your triplets at 120 bpm, try to accent them for now sk that you know where the pulse is. Add bass drum to etude 1 and bring the sheet music back for your next lesson.


240=16th note, 120=8th note, 60=quarter note. No matter what you practice–lesson 2, lesson 6, the drum fill you were playing today, rock beat, or paradiddles– use this tempo. Spend 5 min/day playing 16th notes continuously at this tempo and make sure to pay attention to your grip.


Making good progress on drum corps on parade! Remember to isolate any rudiments you’re having trouble with and learn them slowly. When you practice slowly, dissect all your motions and be extra conscious of what you’re doing.

Rachel and Thea

The swing pattern is making progress, try to practice stick control with the swing. You can even stamp your foot as if you’re playing bass drum too. Remember to focus on the upstroke as a bit of a stretch and just accelerate the motion from there.


Practice with the metronome at bpm 200 and make sure everything you play lines up. Then focus just on the downbeat. Finally, do the same process but lead left. When playing the rock beat, try to count aloud as you play. Move with the beat, not abstractly.