Hi everyone! I had a great time tonight, it was really awesome to see some old faces! Here are some things to work on in the coming week:



This week Samson try working on playing the jazz ride pattern with Such Sweet Thunder by Duke Ellington. Try to build it up like we did starting first with quarter notes on the ride, then adding the skip note after beats 2 and 4, and then finally adding the hi-hat pedal on 2 and 4. Here is a scan of what I wrote out in case you lose track of it.



Really great work today Lucas, it was really great to see how much you’ve improved! This week I want you to keep working on those Lesson 6 beats and play them for Jeffrey next week. Once you have a good handle on the beat, set a timer and try playing it for 1 minute straight without stopping, no matter what mistakes you make! The goal is to learn how to recover from small mistakes well. But make sure you understand the beat well first, this exercise is more to smooth out the bumps rather than fix major problems. I think it would be a good challenge for you!



It was really great to meet and play with you Leo! Try working through that Bossa Nova pattern I wrote out for you and here is the beat from the song Runaway by Half Alive that we worked on in the second half of the lesson. I think Jeffrey would love to hear some of it next week. Heres a link to the song as well.