Work on improvisation by using a metronome as an anchor for beat 1 and try building off any beats that you already know. Remember to leave more space in your playing so it’s not just a blur of sound and just keep everything as steady as possible.


Make sure to practice speaking rhythms before playing them. Do some practice with the metronome at 240 so that you know all your 16th notes are even, then do your practice at 60 so that you’re less reliant on the metronome.


Fix up the last 2 lines of drum corps on parade; just take some time and figure out the couple of rudiments that haven’t been feeling great and it should be smooth sailing from there. Try to practice table of time as part of your warm-up, just set a metronome to something between 40-60 and work your way through. Even if it’s not perfect just try to get the downbeat to line up.

Thea and Rachel

We’ll keep working on bass drum independence next time. Reminder to feel free to bring any request for songs you want to learn and keep me posted as to whether you can get a kit to practice on.


Keep working on evening out your sixteenth notes and stabilizing the rock beat. Focus on the grip adjustments I tried to reinforce today and if you’re feeling ready then try to get a feel for the rebound stroke we briefly worked on.