Hello all, please see below for your practice suggestions this week:


-Russian Folk Song from lesson book — work on playing with dynamics, and maybe trying the transposing activity?
-Hanon Exercise 1 – Here is the link, I also scanned the “how to use this book” page from the book to give you a bit more info about the exercises: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qe-V4vWPdbQfaMLOkzXIH1rRydeNJb7Z/view?usp=sharing
-for this week, just work on playing the notes, we can delve into practice variations/touch/tempo/dynamics later on!


-warmup from pg 64 — try to keep registration smooth and sing over the break
-vocal fry exercise: vocal fry followed by sliding up and down a 5th — try starting at a low G# or A and then work your way up
-Million Reasons: place the chorus (especially the last line) differently; farther forward/less throaty + aim to relax on that last line and save your breath!


-keep practicing “Are you Sleeping”
-keep practicing “Horseback Riding”
-C major scale — have your thumb ready to cross under on your way up and your 3rd finger ready to cross over on the way down — once this starts to feel easier, try to pick up the tempo slightly, aiming for consistent playing


-Etude in C — whole thing with RH, start thinking about the dynamics as well
-Minuet in A — 1st section hands together, 2nd section hands separately
-Minuet in F — 1st section hands separately
-for any trouble spots in your pieces, play those bars several times until it feels easier!
-E natural minor scale
-E minor triads in RH and LH


-The Juggler: keep practicing, remembering to count all the notes and rests; start to add the dynamics
-Jingle Bells: watch out for the notes in bar 7 (starts on a B in your LH with your thumb!), and start to add dynamics
-Kites in the Sky: work on playing through the whole piece
-B major 5-finger scale (has C#, D# and F#)


-Practice “My Invention” — I know we sort of rushed this one at the end, so here’s a great video breaking it down in case you have any questions about it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7g0otJQ5Ro You can go to 1:51 in order to hear the whole thing played
-Here are the sheets for next week: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zbRNTlTuKl10hN8RcG0faCHgOLaXsG0p/view?usp=sharing

See you all next time :)