Nice work this week! Very good work to all of you. Please see below for your homework suggestions for the week:


-Keep working on Sound of Silence and Money Money


-pg 20 of your theory book, and I’ll see you tomorrow for the makeup lesson!
-Also, here is a copy of Silent Night for you. We can start working on it together next week as we start to learn notes on the staff!


-nice job starting a new song today! Keep practicing “Let It Rain, Let it Pour”
-If you want to learn any Christmas songs this year, you can brainstorm some ideas this week!


-Keep practicing “Middle C March” and “Alouette”
-Here are sheets for Jingle Bells and Rudolph:
-Keep practicing “Part of Your World” along with the track — sing along to the whole song and follow the lyrics with this copy of the music:


-keep practicing all of your pieces
-Day 5 of 4 Star book
-practice the inversions of G major and A minor triads
-start playing around with all 4 chords we’ve learned so far: C, F, G, and A min

See you guys next week!