Director’s Note – Please note we have been having some small trouble with our posting system. We hope to resolve it soon. In the meantime, please visit Jonny’s teacher page to get homework each week.

Hi everyone,

With the transition to ZOOM video lessons, I am no longer able to write down notes and musical material in the students’ books/binders. Instead, I have created PDF documents for each of you and dropped them into a Google Drive folder. The link to your documents is listed in the What to practice heading under your name below. You should be able to access the documents simply by clicking on the link. Here are your practice assignments for this week:


Recommended minutes to practice: 5-10 minutes per day

What to practice: Continue working through the rhythms on the pages titled “16th notes and 8th notes” and the “Coordination Exercises”:

How to practice it most effectively: Practice all the way through to #15 on the “16th-notes and 8th-notes” page. Don’t worry about the “20-Bar Exercise” at the end; we will get to that later. Just work on playing each of these rhythm exercises at least 4 times in a row while keeping a steady speed. Also, practice the coordination exercises at different speeds, both fast and slow. In the new year we will work on some new drum beats which expand on these patterns.


Recommended minutes to practice: 10-15 minutes per day

What to practice: Practice all the beats and fills from “Can’t Stop” by the Red Hot Chili Peppers:

How to practice it most effectively: Spend some time over the next week playing each section of the song separately and then try to start putting them together. Focus on the transitions between each section as these are usually the hardest parts of the song. Don’t worry about speed right now; just work on accuracy and consistency. Listen to the song to make sure each section sounds correct. Then try to play through the whole song. We will work more on this in the new year.


Recommended minutes to practice: 20-30 minutes per day

What to practice: Practice the triplet-based accent patterns that we worked on in your lesson and also have a listen to the music I have listed below.

How to practice it most effectively: Have a listen to some music by the following jazz musicians. this will help to give you a sense of this style of music and will also help us to pick some specific tunes to work on in the new year. Miles Davis (anything from the album “Kind of Blue” is a good place to start), Dave Brubeck (his album “Time Out” is a classic), John Coltrane (“A Love Supreme” and “Blue Train” are both great),  Wynton Marsalis (“The Magic Hour” album is a good place to start). Take note of what stuff you like and what stuff you don’t and we’ll discuss it in the new year.


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