Hello all! Sorry for the delay in getting this sent out to you. Hopefully you’ve been able to get some practicing in so far; please see below for reminders of what to be working on this week. Parents, if you have any questions regarding what your child should be practicing or how you can help them, don’t hesitate to let me know!


-learning the tune of new song singing on a vowel
-work on the warmups from your workbook, thinking of using breath support, and having a relaxed jaw and tongue


-Rudolph: keep up the practicing on the RH; practice finding the LH chords on the piano — get familiar with them and remember to keep a nicely curved hand shape!
-Hickory Dickory: isolated practice on the last line — you can do it!


-practice your “buzzing bees” sound that we worked on — can you do it quietly and keep your face and jaw relaxed while you do it? Can you sing high sounds while buzzing? Low sounds?
-keep singing All Is Found and My Favourite Things with your picture sheets


-practice the notes for the new section of Faded we worked on; keep practicing what you’ve learned so far too!
-when you practice, make sure you follow along with the sheet music and pay attention to the note you see on the page with key you press on the piano
-get a folder or something to put your music sheets in! I don’t want you to lose them :)


-C major scale
-Believer: intro (first line) hands together, the whole page hands separately, and work on putting the beginning of the verse (second line) hands together too! Slow and steady; you can do it!
-please also get a folder to put your music in!

Have a nice long weekend everyone!