Hi everyone,

With the transition to ZOOM video lessons, I am no longer able to write down notes and musical material in the students’ books/binders. Instead, I have created PDF documents for each of you and dropped them into a Google Drive folder. The link to your documents is listed in the What to practice heading under your name below. You should be able to access the documents simply by clicking on the link. Here are your practice assignments for this week:


Recommended minutes to practice: 10-15 minutes per day

What to practice: Practice beats #16 and 18-21 from the page of ghost note beats: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1SCS8WVjfR1OZVlYmt8a1r2LTxo2NJOpN?usp=sharing

How to practice it most effectively: Keep working through the beats on this page. Remember to practice them at a variety of speeds, both fast and slow, and focus on keeping the rhythms steady and consistent. If you’re having trouble with the coordination between your bass drum and snare drum, practice them together without the hi-hat while counting the sixteenth notes in your head. Try to play each beat at least four times in a row without stopping.


Recommended minutes to practice: 20-30 minutes per day

What to practice: Keep working on the triplet accent patterns and comping rhythms on both the snare drum and bass drum: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1GxopIaGPN0UhwG3zk4gQWTnEaDDL7TWP?usp=sharing 

How to practice it most effectively: You’re at the point now with the triplet accent patterns that you can start to come up with some of your own and practice improvising them. The goal is to have the freedom to play any triplet-based rhythm in this way around the drums. Work on alternating between the jazz ride and a simple accent pattern every two bars. Then change the accent pattern and play it a few more times. After this, try changing the accent pattern every two bars after playing the ride pattern. With the comping rhythms, just practice the ones we went over in your lesson and play them on both the snare drum and bass drum.