Hi everyone,

Here are your homework assignments for this week:


Work on the drum beats that I have written in your book, especially #11 and #12. Practice them slowly and make sure you are counting while you play. Don’t try to play them faster until they start to feel comfortable. Also, take a look at the rhythm review that we did this week. Next week we will learn some new rhythms.


Keep working on the latin beats (mambo, son clave, and rhumba clave). See how fast you can push the tempo while still maintaining accuracy and control. Also, practice incorporating some fills with the latin beats. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but work getting back into the beat after a fill without losing time.


Practice the 4-bar phrases that we worked on in your lesson. See how many times you can play it without losing the beat. Also, try to come up with different fills to use at the end of the phrase. Be creative with it! Next week we will shift gears a little bit and work on some new accent patterns.


See if you can get the left hand and the feet working together in the Bossa Nova beat. Don’t worry about the right hand – we’ll add that next week. Practice it very slowly and try to count out loud while you play. If you can’t get the whole beat at once, try just the first bar, and then just the second bar, and then try putting them together.