Practice exercises on pages 29 and 36. Keep your thumb relaxed while playing and hand position should be close to the soundhole of the guitar. Review chords G, F, C, Em,Am


Practice the Pumpkin song from the book and handout of star wars.


Songs to practice: Twinkle twinkle, Jingle bells, and Star wars.



Improvising and playing bass lines over G blues. Practice and then bring handout of Summertime to lesson next week.



Practice along with recording of Justin Bieber’s Love yourself, and Wild, Troye Sivan (capo 3rd fret D and Em)



New: Chords for Highway to hell. Also continue to practice the chords for Jingle Bells, and songs in the book – ‘amazing grace’, ‘when the saints’: C, G, G7, D7, A7



Review repertoire for rock band – bar chords: A, D, G, C

Practice for rock band:

Look Ka Py Py- the Meters

Texas Flood – Stevie Ray Vaughan

Little Wing – Jimi Hendrix

Chitlins con carne